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Top 5 Summer Trends
To Experience In LA This 2021

Top 5 Summer Trends
To Experience In LA This 2021

For all the months we’ve been lazing on our sofas, we’re pretty sure you’ve also been itching to go out.

Finally, the summer sun is granting us our wishes!

Nature. Wine. Food. Music. Art. Beauty.

We’re about to experience the top 5 fun things to do in Los Angeles this time of the year.

Read on.


Indulging yourself in forest bathing

There’s nothing more relaxing than immersing yourself in nature. So do that this summer!

You’ll see yourself basking in the glory of lush greens and fresh air.

Ever felt restless all week?

The Arboretum is calling.

The LA County Arboretum & Botanic Garden is waiting for you. Its lovely staff will lead you on an immersive and contemplative walk through a forest.

In essence, you’ll be bathing in the forest’s sights, sounds, and smells. When you take in the forest’s atmosphere with all your senses, you’ll experience its therapeutic powers.

Ain’t that cool?

Trivia: Forest bathing or shinrin-yoku is a Japanese practice. And aren’t Japanese ideas cool?

Feeling restless? Try a
in the woods
this summer.


Treating your taste buds with wine and food

Want to spend your summer day sipping?

LA peeps now have the luxury of going fancy with wine tasting. I mean, we’ve always loved doing that, but it looks like we now have a new summer destination.

You may know some people who level up their skincare routine when the hottest days of summer come.

But board-certified dermatologist and co-director at the Chicago Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology Clinical Research Team, Omer Ibrahim, says the opposite.

The West Hills is inviting oenophiles.

If you’re one of us, you’ll want to visit Malibu Wines & Beer Garden.

It’s like the outdoor version of the infamous Malibu Wines Tasting Room. There’s plenty of choices—Saddlerock, Semler, and even local craft beer.

And when you come on a weekend, you got some food options from Basil Pizza, too!

It’s time to go fancy on al fresco dining.

If you want a complete experience, why not make open-air dining the norm?

After all, it turns out the city government is making open-air dining permanent!

Here’s a brief background: COVID-19 has had the LA City Council creating an alfresco outdoor dining program since May 2020.

There’ll be permanent sidewalk dining locations soon.

And that’s some pretty good news.

Now you don’t have to worry about suffocation or infection. (Or maybe you still can, just a tad less if you’ve already been vaccinated. *Wink*)

In any case, dining out will now be a more enjoyable experience. It’s going to get trendy.

And when you finally go out to indulge in some fancy feast with your friends, it’s going to be 72 and sunny indeed!

Eating out will literally be eating out...side. Soon.


Enjoying the Hollywood Bowl—yes, it’s finally back!

Admit it. You’ve been missing the bowl terribly!

The great good news is that it’s finally back after a long, long wait.

Tickets will be available on June 1

If you’re looking to catch the bowl with friends and family, you can start securing your tickets on the first of June.

Of course, attendees will have to follow safety guidelines. But, if you’ve already been vaccinated, it’ll even be better news for you.

The Hollywood Bowl has designated the majority of the seats to “fully vaccinated patrons” and limited the total capacity to only 67%.

There’ll be music and dancing, but it’s
not going to be as crowded as this.


Seeing a Banksy exhibition featuring 80 pieces

Angelenos have come to love Banksy and all his pointed street art. We’ve seen them on billboards, walls, and even in some massive warehouse shows.

This summer, the infamous “Banksy: Genius or Vandal?” exhibition is coming to Los Angeles.

What’s new?

Oops—it’s unauthorized.

Funny enough, the upcoming exhibition is not Banksy’s doing. Well, it’s initially been done in Moscow before—in 2018, that is.

In the following Instagram photo, Banksy reveals what his actual position is on the unauthorized exhibit:

Ain’t that hilarious?

Still, the exciting news remains. You can now start making reservations to enjoy the street artist’s genuine works for a whole hour.


Getting yourself a facial detox at Mobi Spa

Wouldn’t you want some collagen boost and a premium facial glow-up? Well, after all the stress we’ve been through a whole year, who doesn’t?

But wait—something’s going to radically change the way Angelenos will see beauty treatments. Very soon.

A full-service beauty treatment experience is coming to LA.

And it’ll arrive in a van!

No kidding—that’s precisely what Mobi Spa is. It comes in a luxury van that’s fully equipped with the latest technology on skincare treatments.

Want the benefits of your summer galore to transcend through time? Then you must be excited to try Mobi Spa—the next biggest thing in beauty.

Book your spot, and Mobi Spa will come to you.

No need for you to go out of your neighborhood. Just step outside your house and right outside your gate, you can get your luxury beauty treatment.

Very soon, you can try Mobi Spa’s special age-defying skin care services.

Mobi Spa will be launched by Elevatione—a premium skincare brand that specializes in anti-aging formulations.

This brand uses a combination of the most advanced skin-brightening, detox, repair, and tightening technology, as well as natural ingredients, so you’ll be assured of the best results!

Elevatione also has branches worldwide — Mexico, London, and now arriving in California.

Should you decide to try Mobi Spa this summer, you’ll be sure to experience skin rejuvenation services at the hands of specialists.

It’s More Fun To Spend Your Summer In LA

Los Angeles has all kinds of fun and adventure in store.

Basking in nature, wine tasting, eating out all you want, dancing with the stars, immersing in the sophistication of pointed murals, or finally getting that facial skincare treatment you’ve wanted forever—you choose.

When you’ve spent so much time and energy sitting on the couch all day, waiting, it’s finally time to get up.

Now do that and get back to life with a sunshiny summer!

Want to keep staying at home and still enjoy the summer? Check out Mobi Spa and find out how you can book your best luxury mobile skincare experience soon. Click here.